Artisan Cheese & Cured Meats

Each one-ounce portion, accompanied with dried fruit and nuts

Chef’s Selection Plate / Includes Manchego, Taleggio, Gouda, Gorgonzola and Genoa Salami. $18

Humboldt Fog Chevre / A young goat’s milk cheese from California has a firm texture and a clean, lemony flavor. $4

Manchego / Firm sheep’s milk cheese from Spain has a melt-in-your-mouth interior with a nutty, butterscotch flavor. $4

Taleggio / A buttery, delicate, soft, sweet cheese from Italy made from cow’s milk, with a supple, fruity flavor and aroma. $4

Maytag Blue / From the great state of Iowa, Maytag blue has a crumbly texture with a very spicy black pepper flavor. $4

Gorgonzola Dolce / The mild blue vein in this soft cheese from Italy imparts a sharp, spicy flavor and provides an excellent contrast to the rich, creamy cheese. $4

Gouda/ Double cream with a soft texture and nutty flavor. $4

Each one-ounce portion is accompanied with greens, pickled vegetables and stone ground mustard.

Bresaola / Bresaola Della Valtellina is a salted, air-cured beef that has a soft, moderately salty taste. $4

Genoa Salami / Air dried pork and veal, seasoned with garlic and red wine. $4

Prosciutto Di San Daniele / A firm, robust salt and air cured ham. $5

Black Pepper Pate / Country style pork and chicken pate crusted with black peppercorn. $6